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Artem Spivak
MAZA 2022 colleciton highlight

Designing t-shirts and other items of clothing

Daily Challenge

Some graphics I created on a daily basis

Conceptualising underwater sculptures for the Maldives Golden Jubilee in tourism
Photography (2018-2022)
Street, editorial and documentary photography collection
Designing a series of prints for tattoos and clothing
Urban Acupuncture Project (2021)
Visualising a way to transform a post-COVID high street for a more efficient use
Fine Art Practice (2018-2022)
Producing a series of paintings, sculptures and sketches for exhibitions and comissions 
Changing Relations Illustrations (2022)
Illsutrating educational materials developed by Changing Relations
Speculative Design Project (2022)
Conceptualising the potential use of the food waste (FW) protein extraction innovation 
The Dukes Illustrations (2022)
Creating a bunch of illustrations for The Dukes
Hometown App Concept (2021)
Conceptualising a community-building technology app
The Dukes Consultancy (2022)
Developing a strategy for attracting more younger people to attend the theater
A Series of Logos (2018 - 2022)
Creating logos, monograms and brand identities for a range of companies and occasions
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